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The Infant Department Curriculum

The curriculum allows children to concentrate on the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics. All our children are interviewed and appropriate tests are given to children of all age groups. They also benefit from a wide experience of science, art, design technology, music and drama. We encourage children to participate in class discussions and to carry out their own research. Extra curriculum activities such as ballet, karate and gymnastics are also offered.


Playtime is fundamental for the little ones. They learn to share and acquire important social skills during playtime. Playtime also aids in the development of other skills which might not be acquired from the classroom.

The Junior Department Curriculum

We follow a broad based amalgamated British and Zimbabwean curriculum and the following subjects are taught at Junior Level;

English, Maths and Sciences are taught as core subjects;Shona, Art and Design, Technology, Physical Education, Information & Communication Technology, Religious Education (including Assemblies), are taught as specialist subjects.

Programmes of Study set out what each child should be taught at each Grade and provide the basis for planning schemes of work.


Homework is an important part of the school's approach to help young people to work, think and learn on their own. Over a 5 year period, regular homework is equivalent to an extra year's education, with all the consequent benefits. All pupils in the Junior Department are set homework each weekday evening, the length of time extending as the children progress through 
the school.


The progress of all pupils is closely monitored, and continuous assessments are made throughout their time in the Junior Department. Examinations are held twice each year, in June and November. A full report follows which will identify the strengths and weaknesses of a child, and give an excellent insight into each child's progress.

We hold parents' afternoons where parents meet with the class teacher and specialist teachers to discuss the work covered and the overall picture.

Senior Department Curriculum


We are hide-bound by years of tradition, and believe that we should be free to construct what we believe is the most appropriate curriculum for our students in this age and this world. We have clear aims but always try to be receptive to good ideas, whether old or new. Curriculum is therefore not rigidly fixed, but still in the process of development, and may be expected to continue to evolve as the school develops.

Students in form One and form Two study English (including English Literature), Mathematics, Science, French, Shona, Geography, History, Information and Communications Technology, Art, Religious Education, Physical Education, Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) and attend one whole school assembly. In addition after the first term they opt to study either Design and Technology, or Art.

In Forms three and four, English, Mathematics,  Combined Science with an additional option to take pure Biology are compulsory for all students, through to IGCSE, with a very strong recommendation to continue with French.  PSHE is also to be taken by all. Further subjects which feature in our options schemes for study through IGCSE / GCE include English Literature, Shona, Geography, physical Education, Religious Education, Business Studies, Travel and Tourism,  Computer Science, Art and Design, Accounting, Business, Mathematics, History, Geography  and Biology.



Our classes are of mixed ability. Some subjects are taught to classes as they stand but in other subjects a limited degree of stetting is in force. This currently applies to Mathematics, English, French, Shona and Science.  This enables teachers to teach more effectively and to ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for both the high-fliers and struglers to give their best, instead of teaching to the middle range to the detriment of the extremes. 


Trip to Long Cheng
Reception and Grade 1 classes went on a trip to Long Cheng...they had so much fun. Thank you to Mrs Tachivona, Mrs Zhou and Miss Tauzeni for organising a lovely trip for the little ones.
District Merit Awards
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Divaris Makaharis Primary in Pictures
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Brownies and Girl-Guides
Brownies and Girl-Guides making salads.
Nursery Class ICT lessons
Nursery Class ICT lesson, lovely picture done by Michaella Kalube. #DivarisMakaharis
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We take in infants from as early as 4 years old and prepare them for Junior education, we believe in accelarated learning most of our infants go on to perfom 96% better
Since our inception our junior school candidates have out performed other schools, our program is an intensive mix of academic, sports and cultural education. Taking both ZIMSEC and Cambridge examinations, We boast a 90% pass rate in the short time since our inception. Prospective parents often ask why they should choose Divaris Makaharis school rather than other schools in the area. We offer an attractive and well-resourced environment in which to work and play.
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