Senior Admissions - Why Choose Us?
Prospective parents often ask why they should choose Divaris Makaharis school rather than other schools in the area. We offer an attractive and well-resourced environment in which to work and play. We offer syllabuses leading to internationally recognised qualification, making maximum use of stimulating practical options. We offer a forward-looking curriculum, which will open a surer route to success in the technology-orientated wider world. We offer a co-educational education in a community drawn from a variety of racial and religious backgrounds.
We believe that the environment we create will improve the likelihood of our students growing up naturally to be tolerant and open minded adults who are well equipped to encounter the realities of life. We pride ourselves on being regarded as a happy school and we believe that our students will produce better results if they are living and working in an environment which is disciplined, but at the same time experienced by them as being fair, civilised, tolerant of human diversity, and indeed appreciative of the gift of others.
We want our students to be friendly, courteous, and confident, striving to discover and develop their individual talents in an unselfish way. We want your children to translate the sentiments of the school moto Alta Pete (Aim High) into all areas of their lives, and will endeavour to work alongside you to give them the support they need for this.
We always welcome visits from parents who are seriously considering seeking admission to the School for their children, and if you would like to arrange to have a look around or to discuss with the headmaster any particular issue, please get in touch with the Senior Department secretary.
We offer a wide range of sporting activities, and we have enjoyed a very high level of success, with both teams and individuals. We have a strong and full fixture list, and have already established a reputation as a formidable opponent in several games. This is in part owing to an excellent set of coaches, many with strong pedigrees in the sport, but also to a strong community spirit within the school and they will to excel.
Our main team games are rugby, hockey, cricket, basketball, tennis, and swimming for boys and hockey basketball, tennis and swimming for girls. Soccer and volleyball are popular social sports, for both boys and girls. A few external fixtures are arranged for the football team, but it is required that the main official games have the priority call on players time.
We try to encourage individuals in all sport to develop excellence in the areas where they show particular aptitude.


Trip to Long Cheng
Reception and Grade 1 classes went on a trip to Long Cheng...they had so much fun. Thank you to Mrs Tachivona, Mrs Zhou and Miss Tauzeni for organising a lovely trip for the little ones.
District Merit Awards
Congratulations ‪#‎DivarisMakaharis‬ for attaining District Merit Awards, Keep up the good work. # SucceedwithHonourandPride
Divaris Makaharis Primary in Pictures
Please take time to tour our Primary School in pictures
Brownies and Girl-Guides
Brownies and Girl-Guides making salads.
Nursery Class ICT lessons
Nursery Class ICT lesson, lovely picture done by Michaella Kalube. #DivarisMakaharis
Upcoming Events
Inter-House Cross Country - 3 February Valentines Civvies - 12 February Half Term Break - 19 February

We take in infants from as early as 4 years old and prepare them for Junior education, we believe in accelarated learning most of our infants go on to perfom 96% better
Since our inception our junior school candidates have out performed other schools, our program is an intensive mix of academic, sports and cultural education. Taking both ZIMSEC and Cambridge examinations, We boast a 90% pass rate in the short time since our inception. Prospective parents often ask why they should choose Divaris Makaharis school rather than other schools in the area. We offer an attractive and well-resourced environment in which to work and play.
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