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Currently we have an intake of upto 15 students per class.  Although our students are expected to be able to cope with mainstream teaching, our selection for each year's intake is not narrowly academic, and candidates are expected to have something to offer to the School beyond mere intelligence. Ideally we are looking for intelligent children who are good all-round, who will fit comfortably into our friendly community of mixed sex, race, and ability, and who will have their own distinctive contribution to make.

Our selection procedure places considerable emphasis upon the interview in which each candidate participates, and the impression created at interview is considered alongside the candidate's previous school report, and our own papers in English and Mathematics when we are deciding where to make offers.

Candidates should therefore be prepared to give some account of their personality and interest and to consider what they may hope to offer to the school.


The school day begins with registration at 7.30 am with the first one hour lesson coming at 7.35am. The teaching ends at 1.20pm for forms. Pickup time varies according to a students’ activities, but is usually not later than 4 pm, except that some sports practices may be longer and vary from the usual activities times.

We frequently have compulsory sports fixtures and practices on Saturdays for those in the squads, and occasionally option activities. Students waiting for an activity which begins after 2pm are required to attend supervised study, where they may do their homework until the later activity starts. Assemblies for the whole school take place weekly, and various staff and sometimes students make contribution here.

Each class has its own class tutor and at their tutors base they are provide d a secure locker outside but classes move around the Senior Department to the teaching rooms for their specialist teachers.


The Senior Department has its own Head teacher, and staff of specialist Secondary Teachers equipped to deliver the curriculum offered at this level.

The current staff to student ratio is around 1:15. We recruit teachers from a range of backgrounds. Most of our teachers tend to be quite young, but although youth is not a requirement, we do expect them be enthusiastic, adaptable, and ken to continue to further their own education. We encourage a friendly and supportive environment within the bounds of courtesy and good discipline, and we find that most of our students appreciate this approach. Parents constantly tell us how happy their children are here.

Teachers likewise tend to enjoy working here.


We feel that the best results are obtained from students when they know that their parents and teachers are working together and aware of their performance levels. We therefore, encourage parents to share relevant information with the school. We report on our students’ progress in a short half term assessment which is discussed with the student who is expected to comment in writing before the Assessment is sent home. This enables us to monitor progress and identify problems, relatively early so that action may be taken. We also produce full report books at the end of each of the tree terms in the academic year. There are normally two evenings during the year for formal consultation between parents and teachers, but it is not difficult for parents to discuss particular issues with teachers at other times also.

We strongly encourage parents to support their children and the school at sporting and other functions, and we hold occasional social events for the purpose of enabling parents to get to know each other and the staff more easily, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The official parents’ body that supports the school in a practical way is the Friend of Divaris Makaharis ( FOD.)


So far our overnight trips away have included visits to great Zimbabwe, a week environment camp by the Zambezi (The RIFA camp, sponsored by the Zimbabwe Hunters’ Association), and a scripture Union weekend retreat to Mazvikadei.


Details of our current fees are available from the School offices. They tend on average to be around the same level as comparable independent schools in Harare, and are subject to increase termly in line with inflation.

Included in the fees is the loan of all school texts books and provision of exercise books. Dictionaries are not provided. The only extras likely to be incurred might be for individual music lessons and optional recreational activities where a private coaching instructors is hired. Optional school trips are paid for at the time of booking.


We have very few disciplinary problems, but are not complacent. We believe that part of the reasons we are succeeding, is the student generally enjoy school and that they perceive that they are indeed treated in a fair and friendly manner without feeling repressed. It is made clear to them that they must be courteous and well disciplined and many visitors have commented favourably on the impression that our students have made on them. Emphasis is placed on positive achievement rather than negative.

Corporal punishment is not permitted in the School. Formal detention is available as a sanction, and minor chores may be imposed, but the basis of the disciplinary system, for both academic work and general conduct, is Referral. Students may be referred by teachers to the Senior Master, who will consider the case. Usually this leads to a detention, and carried a demerit. Students may also be placed on homework Report, work report or Daily Report to the Senior Master. These reports all require parental input, which is part of our policy of encouraging constructive parental involvement and the concept of being a €˜Family School’. More serious or persistent problems require parents to be called to the school to discuss the situation and may lead to further sanctions.

Prefects and monitors are selected from the Senior students, appointed to assists duty teachers in ensuring that the school runs in an orderly manner, particularly at breaks. At this stage the appointments are temporary and may rotate, but give staff the opportunity to sport leadership talent which the school can utilise. Monitors have limited disciplinary powers basically consisting of reporting offenders, but are encouraged to develop sense of responsibility and to acquire leadership skills.


The majority of our students are from Christian background of wide variety of believes and practice, but there is also a substantial representation of other faiths, especially Judaism and Islam. No student is excluded on the grounds of holding a religious belief, provided that they are able to take a full and constructive part in the life of the school.

Just as all students are required to wear the normal school uniform, and to participate in physical education, they are required to attend assemblies and religious studies classes (through Form One and Form Two, after which it becomes an optional subject studied for IGCSE). Religious Studies is not taught in a sectarian way, and no attempt is made to persuade students to a particular belief.

We study the major world religions in an open and tolerant manner, devoting one term to each of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism over the first two years. Our assemblies tend to be broadly based in Christian belief and morality, but we are conscious of the need to avoid giving offence to tolerant members of other religions, and the contribution of members of other faith is welcomed. We do not push a narrow religious line. There is a branch of the Scripture Union in the School and this has a small but keen membership.


We offer a wide range of afternoon activities, sporting, cultural, and academic, and as the school grows we expect the range to increase further. We expect all of our students to participate in a balanced programme of activities in addition to attending lessons.

We currently offer free €˜clinics’ in French and Mathematics for our senior students as part of the activities programme for students who want a little extra help, and for those who would like more support, additional lessons can usually be arranged privately on a paid basis.

We believe that our extra-curricular activities play an important part in the formation of a fully rounded personality, and give the opportunity to discover new areas of learning and fulfilment. We offer up to 40 different choices of activity each week reflecting the enthusiasm of current staff. Apart from practices for the usual team games, the following lists gives some indication of activities offered. A variety of team sports debating, public speaking, toast-masters’ club, athletic training, quiz, choirs, French, food science, design and technology, book club, drama, extra science, computer, interact, chess and other board games, taekwondo martial arts, tennis, swimming, art clubs, newsletter, scripture union, environment and conservation club, ballet and cycling etc


Trip to Long Cheng
Reception and Grade 1 classes went on a trip to Long Cheng...they had so much fun. Thank you to Mrs Tachivona, Mrs Zhou and Miss Tauzeni for organising a lovely trip for the little ones.
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We take in infants from as early as 4 years old and prepare them for Junior education, we believe in accelarated learning most of our infants go on to perfom 96% better
Since our inception our junior school candidates have out performed other schools, our program is an intensive mix of academic, sports and cultural education. Taking both ZIMSEC and Cambridge examinations, We boast a 90% pass rate in the short time since our inception. Prospective parents often ask why they should choose Divaris Makaharis school rather than other schools in the area. We offer an attractive and well-resourced environment in which to work and play.
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