Our Faith

The collective right of the school which is joined by a common Christian purpose is more persuasive than the right of the individual. Our Christian ethos and religious policy forms one of the major cornerstones of our school. The Christian nature and principles of the school lie at the heart of Divaris Makaharis PrimarySchool. The school provides an environment where teachers and pupils can express their faith openly and practice their beliefs.

All efforts will be made to preserve the Christian character of the school.

Since teachers are very important role models, their influence is paramount in the development of the child.
Other Faiths and Religions

Teachers who choose to teach at Divaris Makaharis Primary School, and parents who choose to send their children to the school, recognise and accept the School's Religious

Policy. This does not mean to say that they may not be of a different religion or are prohibited from practicing that religion outside the school boundaries. During school hours and terms, however, pupils may not leave the school or take days off for religious reasons.

Staff prayer Meetings

Teachers gather in the board room every Tuesday morning before classes begin, for fellowship. This includes prayer and scripture reading.
God and Me

Every morning before the commencing of lessons teachers will take pupils for devotions. This includes scripture reading and prayer.
Assembly (Head & Deputy/head)

It is compulsory for staff and pupils to attend. Assemblies include a Play/Presentation with a biblical message, scripture reading and prayers. This is done by teachers and pupils.
Religious And Moral Education Lessons

R.M.E lessons which are part of the academic curriculum are incorporated in the Content syllabus. The lessons include bible teaching and instruction with regard to the general and specific messages of the Christian faith pupils are also exposed to the knowledge and existence of other religions. Pupils are examined in this subject and the mark reflected in the child’s report


Trip to Long Cheng
Reception and Grade 1 classes went on a trip to Long Cheng...they had so much fun. Thank you to Mrs Tachivona, Mrs Zhou and Miss Tauzeni for organising a lovely trip for the little ones.
District Merit Awards
Congratulations ‪#‎DivarisMakaharis‬ for attaining District Merit Awards, Keep up the good work. # SucceedwithHonourandPride
Divaris Makaharis Primary in Pictures
Please take time to tour our Primary School in pictures
Brownies and Girl-Guides
Brownies and Girl-Guides making salads.
Nursery Class ICT lessons
Nursery Class ICT lesson, lovely picture done by Michaella Kalube. #DivarisMakaharis
Upcoming Events
Inter-House Cross Country - 3 February Valentines Civvies - 12 February Half Term Break - 19 February

We take in infants from as early as 4 years old and prepare them for Junior education, we believe in accelarated learning most of our infants go on to perfom 96% better
Since our inception our junior school candidates have out performed other schools, our program is an intensive mix of academic, sports and cultural education. Taking both ZIMSEC and Cambridge examinations, We boast a 90% pass rate in the short time since our inception. Prospective parents often ask why they should choose Divaris Makaharis school rather than other schools in the area. We offer an attractive and well-resourced environment in which to work and play.
Our Faith
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