Senior Department Technicals
The syllabus followed by each year group is outlined below:
Forms 1 & 2 - ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)
Basic concepts of IT (theory)
Using a computer & file management (Windows 2010)
Word processing (Word)
Spread sheets (Excel)
Databases (Access)
Presentations (PowerPoint)
Internet & E-mail
Form 3 & 4
The students can choose to do computers or any other technical subject. The school offers IGCSE 0478 Paper 1 and Paper 2. The Cambridge IGCSE Computer Studies syllabus enables candidates to develop an interest in computing and gain confidence in the use of computers. Candidates develop an appreciation of the broad range of computer applications, in order to improve their understanding of the power and versatility of the computer and the benefits of its use, but also its limitations and potential disadvantages. Cambridge IGCSE Computer studies is an ideal foundation for further study at A Level, and the skills learnt can also be used in other areas of study and in everyday life.
 A or AS level
The aim of the Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science syllabus is to develop an understanding of how computers are used to solve a wide range of problems. Learners investigate a variety of different computers, and also look at the ways that computers are organized in terms of software, data, hardware, communications and people. Learners develop the skills necessary to apply their understanding to the development of computer-based solutions. As they progress, they learn about the main principles of systems analysis and design, looking at different methods of problem formulation, and the planning of solutions. They also consider systematic methods of solution implementation, testing and documentation. 
Entry requirements 
IGCSE grade B or better 
IGCSE Mathematics B or Better
Design and technology.
The aim of the Design Technology Department at the Divaris Makaharis High School is to offer equal opportunities to all students. We achieve this by offering a broad balanced curriculum, which allows students of both sexes to maximise their potential. 
As a department we promote high standards of academic achievement through designing, making and evaluating results. We work together as an enthusiastic team and promote an environment where all students develop personal responsibility and self-motivation but consider the needs and achievements of others.  All lessons are taught in either a fully equipped multi material workshop or in the graphics studio.
Course Summary
Graphic products involves developing skills used by designers in the design studio. This includes:
• Planning
• Designing
• Learning about colour techniques
• Computer graphics
• Modelling
• Different technical drawing skills
The main aim of the course is to enable students to communicate their ideas using various drawing techniques and to have a working knowledge of the design process.
Assessment Summary
IGCSE Design and Technology - Graphic Products is assessed by a combination
of coursework and final exams:
  • Paper 1- Design drawing; counts for 25% of final grade
  • Paper 2 - Graphic products, drawing; counts for 25% of final grade
  • Paper 5 - Coursework - school-based coursework; personally identified project centred on a chosen option; A3 folder with photos, etc.; counts for 50% of final grade
Technical graphics
This syllabus provides a two year course in Geometrical and Mechanical/Building Drawing. The knowledge, understanding and skills gained is to be of great benefit to candidates pursuing further studies. The subject should be studied together with related sciences and technical/vocational subjects to prepare students into institutions of higher learning.
The aims of this syllabus are to:stimulate and sustain the interest of candidates in graphics and technology
  • Develop the ability to discriminate and make value judgements. 
  • Apply the general principles of graphical communication with sensitivity to refinement and accuracy.
  • Develop a working knowledge of the contents of the Conventional Standard Practice relating to the methods of projection, scales and orthographic representation of common mechanical and building details and conventional dimensioning.
  • Provide knowledge and skills which will be of benefit to candidates in their personal and working lives. 
  • Provide an opportunity for candidates to exercise initiative, imagination and resourcefulness in solving design problems. 
  • Encourage candidates to apply knowledge acquired, understanding of design and technology in different situations.

The School is now offering Art and Design.

Coming soon:
Food and nutrition
Fashion and fabrics



Trip to Long Cheng
Reception and Grade 1 classes went on a trip to Long Cheng...they had so much fun. Thank you to Mrs Tachivona, Mrs Zhou and Miss Tauzeni for organising a lovely trip for the little ones.
District Merit Awards
Congratulations ‪#‎DivarisMakaharis‬ for attaining District Merit Awards, Keep up the good work. # SucceedwithHonourandPride
Divaris Makaharis Primary in Pictures
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Brownies and Girl-Guides
Brownies and Girl-Guides making salads.
Nursery Class ICT lessons
Nursery Class ICT lesson, lovely picture done by Michaella Kalube. #DivarisMakaharis
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